Feb 27 San Diego Regional Updates

Tournament Day Communication Procedures:

Please use Online Appeal Form to submit your appeals, issues and concerns. Event supervisors and Tournament Director will immediately be notified of event appeal submissions which will accelerate our response time. sdso-director@sclympiad.com is reserved for sending screenshots.  Use of any other forms of communications may result in delay response time.

Reference Guides

Head Coach Reference Guide: from registering to assigning events to issues and resolutions, all in one document.

Student Reference Guide and Common Issues/Resolutions

When students report an issue, ask them the following and include screenshots of the entire page with the URL in the Address bar:

Releases are now available on Scilympiad.

The release should be signed by the parents/legal guardians of the students but not the students themselves, unless the student is 18 years old or older. The coach should go to the Head Coach Dashboard, click on “Release Forms,” and provide the link there to the participants’ parents/legal guardians. Please note that each school has a different link. Parents/legal guardians click the school-specific link then the system will direct to the login page. Parent/signer log in or create an account after clicking on the release link and not to log in using the Log in link in the upper corner of the homepage. 

To see the list of participants from your teams with completed releases, go to the Head Coach Dashboard, click on “Verifications/Checklist,” and click on “Releases.” If the parents/legal guardians spell their student’s name the same way you did, the system will automatically put a checkmark for “Release Submitted” on the students/team roster. However, if they are different (e.g. Bob vs Bobby), you can still manually check the box under “Release Submitted” on the students/team roster.

Event Updates:

Reminder that self-scheduling via ESUS (not Scilympiad) closes on February 24 at 11:00 PM. Currently only ~50% of teams have signed up.


Clarifications have closed. All clarifications applicable to the Regional tournament can be found at SoCal Rules Clarifications


Self-scheduling via ESUS opened on Tuesday; currently only about 37% of teams have signed up. As a reminder, it closes on February 24 at 11:00 PM. If you did not receive your login information, please let me know.


The non-scheduled events Digital Structures B/C, Helicopters B/C, Sounds of Music C Written Portion, and Detector Building C require that all teams from the same school compete at the same time. These events do not have a sign up - students will be able to just take the test anytime during the day between 8 AM and 4:20 PM (but all tests will end at 4:20 PM, so students may want to start no later than 3:20 PM).

There are only two events that are self-scheduled in ESUS. All other events are either scheduled (only one time during the day), or non-scheduled (basically 'walk-in'; take anytime with the above restrictions).

Rules Clarifications:

The deadline to request rules clarifications has been moved to tomorrow, February 20 at 11:59 PM. All clarifications will be answered by Monday COB.

Coach Checklist
Team Numbers

Log in -> Coaches -> Head Coach Dashboard -> Register/Update Teams and the Team number is in the first column

Student Login Instructions Using Login ID

Student Scilympiad Login Credentials

Students previously competed in tournaments using Scilympiad platform may use the same Login IDs/Emails and passwords for all tournaments. Login IDs/Emails and passwords stay the same throughout the season.

Collaboration During the Tournament

Partners are welcomed to use the built-in text-based chat in scilympiad.com to communicate with their partner(s) during the event. Teams are also permitted to use other forms of communications unless otherwise prohibited by coaches and/or school districts. Make sure computers are able to run selected communication formats.

Resources/Reference Materials

As a reminder, if not already allowed, each individual participant can have a personal set of reference materials (e.g., binders, single sheets of paper), calculator, or other academic resource as specified in the specific event rule for use during the competition to facilitate social distancing, isolation, and to prevent resource sharing. Personal sets of resource materials must meet all the criteria established in the specific event rule.

Teams can decide how they want to arrange their resources as they best understand the circumstances under which they are competing and what their overall strategy might be. Using Anatomy and Physiology as an example, each partner may choose to have two different sets of notes so Partner A tackles all the muscle questions and Partner B tackles all the skeleton questions.

Please note that all resources used must still follow the event rules (e.g. in the form of binders, note sheets, etc.) With the exception of Astronomy which allows a computer/tablet as resources, notes in general cannot be in a digital format. We understand the cost and burden on teams to create a new binder, especially for such an early tournament. We ask that teams follow this rule so that it’s equitable to all teams.

Scilympiad Platform