2023 San Diego Regional Updates @ San Diego Miramar College

Team Trophies: the top 6 schools in each division. The team with the lowest overall points ranks 1st. School's placement is based on the best performing team within that school.
Event Medals: the top 10 teams per event per division. The number of teams (schools) in each division advancing to Southern California State Science Olympiad Tournament will be announced upon receiving allocation from State. The first-place finishers in Division B and Division C at the state tournament will represent Southern California at National Science Olympiad tournament.
Tournament Day Communication Procedures:

Please use Online Appeal Form to submit your appeals, issues and concerns. Event supervisors and Tournament Director will immediately be notified of event appeal submissions which will accelerate our response time. sdso-director@sclympiad.com is reserved for sending screenshots.  Use of any other forms of communications may result in delay response time.

Reference Guides

Head Coach Reference Guide: from registering to assigning events to issues and resolutions, all in one document.

Student Reference Guide and Common Issues/Resolutions
Due to some district configurations of student emails, access to the Student Guide and student webinar may not be permissible. If this is the case, students are advised to ask coaches for a copy prior to competition.

Policies: violation of any Science Olympiad rules and policies including the following may subject to penalties at event, teams and school levels
Event Updates:

Communication methods
Students may use any method of communication (i.e., video call, voice chat, the built-in Scilympiad chat, or direct conversation) that is appropriate for the competition condition at their school. If a separate software is used for communication, please make sure that software is started BEFORE starting the test and DO NOT GO BACK to the software until the test is over to prevent incurring out of browser time.

Rules Clarifications:

Rules Clarifications are made to correct the rules in the Science Olympiad Rules Manuals or to clarify the meaning of the rules. Clarifications applicable to San Diego Regional tournament can be found at SoCal Rules Clarifications

Coach Checklist
Head Coach Verification (Must be completed prior to competition)
Once all of the following items are completed, go to Head Coach Dashboard -> Verification / Checklist -> Head Coach Verification, check off the boxes, and sign the form: Team Numbers

Log in -> Coaches -> Head Coach Dashboard -> Register/Update Teams and the Team number is in the first column

Team Names

Please provide team names regardless of the number of teams per school. For ease of Awards announcements and clear display of team names, please keep team names short and do not include school names in team name column. The function is located under Head Coach Dashboard -> Register/Update Teams

Student Reference Guide and Common Issues/Resolutions
Student Login Instructions

Student Scilympiad Login Credentials
Students previously competed in tournaments using Scilympiad platform may use the same Login IDs and passwords for all tournaments. Login IDs and passwords stay the same throughout the season. Students must login using Login IDs in order to access event tests.
Resources/Reference Materials
Please see: National Science Olympiad Code of Ethics & General Rules
Scilympiad Platform Features