Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is nationwide competition. Students compete in 23 events that include earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Science Olympiad is designed to increase a student’s interest in STEM fields and provide recognition for outstanding achievement in team events. Students compete in Science Olympiad with the top teams advancing from Regional to State to National levels.

Upcoming Dates

Country-wide Scilympiad Practice 1
November 7, 2020
11:00 AM - 3:30 PM PST
FREE - no cost to participate

Country-wide Scilympiad Practice 2
December 2020
Date and Time TBD
FREE - no cost to participate


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Students can now take tests online.

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10/20/20: Sorry, Division C has exceeded its capacity. No more Division C teams will be added.

School registration opens 10/19/2020 8 AM PST

Limit of 150 teams per division and up to 3 teams per school

Testing schedule: 11 AM to 3:30 PM PST for all events. Teams can take as many event tests as possible during the stated timeframe, subject to coach event signup.

Each event test has a time limit of 50 minutes. Due to open event testing schedule from 11 AM to 3:30 PM PST, there is no sequence of event tests teams have to follow. Teams can self-select sequence of their assigned event tests as to which test to take first, second, etc. Teams are not required to use the entire allotted time. Teams can move on to the next event test before the 50 minutes time limit. Coaches may want to assign as many events as possible to give teams flexibility to self-select event tests.