San Diego Regional Science Olympiad School Volunteers

Volunteers are valuable and necessary resource that contribute directly to the success of the San Diego Regional Science Olympiad competitions. Participating schools are responsible for sending one adult volunteer (college student or at least 21 years old) per registered team. School volunteers must be available the entire shift the day in which their school is competing. We cannot break assignments into shifts because volunteers will be trained prior to the start of testing and it would be time consuming and disruptive if we institute shift changes.

We will use an online volunteer signup system where school volunteers can select their desired area. Please note that school volunteers may not sign up to assist with an event in which their child is competing. With this online volunteer signup system, Head Coaches will be able to view their school signup roster to confirm their team volunteers and verify compliance.

The Online Volunteer Signup System for participating schools will be activated on Monday, January 29, 2018 at 7:00 PM.

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