Events Requiring Impound of Devices and Materials

Certain events require teams to turn in their devices and materials to Event Supervisors prior to the start of the tournament, see Schedule of Events for specific timeframe. Refer to Event Rules for specific events requiring impound of devices and materials.

Students will not need wristbands to impound their devices and materials. Devices must be impounded by one or more team members from the same team.School name, team name, team number and competitor names must be clearly marked on the device. Students may use rolling carts for the delivery of their devices. After the devices are put into impound, the rolling carts should be taken to the Team HQ. Competitors will be escorted by volunteers to the impounding area to retrieve their devices.

Parents, coaches, and guests, please stay clear of the impounding line and area for impounding and test preparations.

Spectator events will be opened to spectators once testing has begun. Prior to testing, please reserve the area for competitors and authorized volunteers for testing preparations. Your cooperation is appreciated. Anyone who interferes with testing including but not limited to crossing into the cordoned off area, entering the testing room without pre-approved authorization from the Regional Director and sideline coaching will be classified as interference and may be subject to team penalties.