2018-2019 Announcements

School Testing Group Assignments Released

Posted: 12/12/2018
Category: Testing Group Assignments

No Online Signup for Div C Team HQ

Posted: 09/18/2018
Team Staging Area/Team Headquarters for Div. C Tournament will be first-come first served.

Check Tournament Updates Often

Posted: 09/17/2018
Tournament Updates

Updated 2019 Experimental Design Checklist for Div B and C

Posted: 09/17/2018
The sample checklist in the 2019 Rules Manual PDF incorrectly lists a possible total of 106 points; it should be 110.
Updated Experimental Checklist

Revised State and SDSO Preliminary Schedules of Events

Posted: 09/17/2018
Updated: Protein Modeling C - Impound
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Recommended Lab Equipment for Chem Events

Posted: 09/11/2018
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Codebusters B replaced Game On B

Posted: 09/05/2018
After significant consultation and consideration, the Southern California State Science Olympiad and its 4 Regionals have determined to conduct the event Codebusters in lieu of the event Game On in Division B. This event substitution will facilitate fairly and timely scoring as well as event logistics and is aligned with a variety of other State and Regional Science Olympiad organizations. Codebusters B uses the same rules as Codebusters C.
Codebusters B Event Rules

2019 Digital Science Olympiad Rules Released

Posted: 09/04/2018
For the 2019 season, the Division B and Division C Rules Manuals will be FREE ONLINE for the public in a PDF format. Complete the requested information and the Rules Manuals are yours on your laptop, tablet or phone.
Download Rules Manuals

Team Registration Opens August 17, 2018

Posted: 08/16/2018
Registration Guidelines

2019 Event Chart

Posted: 08/10/2018
Note: Southern California State Science Olympiad and its 4 Regionals will replace Game On B with Codebusters B using the same rules as Codebusters C
2019 Event Chart