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CollapseCategory: Coach Communications
 SDSO Bulletin #1SDSOBulletin 1.pdf
 SDSOBulletin 2SDSOBulletin 2.pdf
 SDSOBulletin 3SDSOBulletin 3.pdf
CollapseCategory: Document Sharing
 Ocean Air Parent/Guardian Permission FormSO Ocean Air Parent Permission Form.pdf
CollapseCategory: Event Information
 2018 Game On Rubric2018 SoCal Game On Rubric.pdf
CollapseCategory: Facilities Information
 Carlsbad HS 6000 BuildingCarlsbad HS Camp 1.jpg
 Carlsbad HS Classroom LayoutCarlsbadClassroomMap.pdf
 Carlsbad HS gym 1Carlsbad HS Gym3.jpg
 Carlsbad HS Gym Specs2016-Carlsbad-Gym-Specs-1.pdf
 Carlsbad HS Library Carlsbad HS Library 1.jpg
 Carlsbad HS Lunch are 2Carlsbad HS Lunch area2.jpg
 Carlsbad HS Lunch Are 4Carlsbad HS Lunch area4.jpg
 Carlsbad HS Lunch Area 1Carlsbad HS Lunch area1.jpg
 Carlsbad HS Lunch Area 3Carlsbad HS Lunch area3.jpg
 Carlsbad HS Wrestling Area 1Carlsbad HS Wrestling 1.jpg
 Carlsbad HS Wrestling Area 2Carlsbad HS Wrestling 2.jpg
 Carlsbad HS Wrestling Area 3Carlsbad HS Wrestling 3.jpg
CollapseCategory: Finance
 Event Supervisor Check RequestSDSO Check Req..pdf
 SDSO Team Registration InvoiceSOInvoice2018.xlsx
CollapseCategory: National SO Resources
 2018 Event Logistics Chart2018EventLogisticsChart.083017.pdf
 2018 SO BrochureSO_2018_Brochure_Final.pdf
CollapseCategory: Schedule (Continued on the next page)
 2018 Division B Preliminary Schedule2018.BSDSOScheduleEvents.pdf
 2018 Division C Preliminary Schedule2018.CSDSOScheduleEvents.pdf
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