Science Olympiad Test Exchange

Science Olympiad Test Exchange was created to provide a collaborative resource sharing of event tests among SMS SO teams. This is another opportunity for teams to prepare for regional, state or national competitions and to gauge their preparations. SMS SO is not involved in the creation of any of the available tests nor can it provide editorial comments on the submitted tests. Courtesy reminder, Regional Competitions will follow the event descriptions in the current Rules Manual, and the Regional, State and National Rules Clarifications/Changes that are posted on the SMS SO website.  For rules clarifications, please submit your clarifications online here.

The inventory and quality of tests are solely dependent on teams’ participation and cooperation. Please honor “give a test, take a test” policy.

Currently, Test Exchange portal will be limited to Head Coaches, Event Student Coaches and Event Adult Coaches. The online test generator allows test creators to create tests in various test formats, multiple choice, true/false, multiple answer, fill in the blank, short answer, etc. Clone function is an added bonus enabling another test creator to replicate another test without starting at step 1. For the uploaded tests/quizzes, you can download and make any necessary changes (if it's editable).

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