2020-2021 Announcements

Thank You + Reopening Registration

Posted: 10/10/2020
We had overwhelming success with registration today, and we at CMU Science Olympiad would like to thank you so much for your interest! We were not expecting registration to fill up in a minute and are so very honored by the enthusiasm. After careful consideration, we have decided to reopen registration to accommodate more teams. We have also added the option of joining a waitlist. If you are one of the schools listed in the URL (in the 'Registered' tab), then you do not have to do anything, as you are already successfully registered. If you would like to bring more teams, you can go ahead and add them now. If you are one of the schools in the 'Unregistered but have priority' tab that attempted to register today, then you can go on Scilympiad starting now and complete your registration; the rule of max 3 teams still applies. Any schools that aren't on this priority list will not be accepted. We apologize for not implementing the option of joining a waitlist beforehand, hence why we must reopen registration. The Scilympiad platform is new to us, and we were under the impression that teams exceeding the limit would automatically be added to a waitlist. With this change in capacity, we will no longer be running the tournament on just January 09, 2021. Instead, we will likely take longer to grade exams and announce results a few days to a week later. Details on this will be forthcoming. Please let us know of any lingering questions, and we will be happy to help.

Update #1

Posted: 11/27/2020
Announcements regarding exam-taking: - Students will have a 12-hour window, from 10AM-10PM EST on January 9th to take their exams. Once one or all partners start an exam, they will have 60 minutes to complete it. This allows 10 additional minutes to account for technical difficulties. - Though there is a built-in chat feature on Scilympiad that allows partners to message one another, partners are also permitted to video call (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc.) one another while they take the exam. Video calling is only allowed between official partners! No one is allowed to meet in person, under any circumstances. - Event proctors will be available 10AM-4PM EST on January 9th to answer questions via the Scilympiad chat feature. All questions for an exam will be compiled into an FAQ document linked at the beginning of the exam. - Right now, Scilympiad doesn't support picture uploads from students, and this may pose a problem for questions that require work to be shown. If needed, we will provide a Google Drive link within exams for students to upload their work to. Students will need a phone to take pictures of their work and upload them to this Drive. Students will need internet access to compete on Scilympiad. Should anyone encounter connection issues, please email cmuscioly@gmail.com. Miscellaneous announcements: - Team numbers have been assigned on Scilympiad. - Release forms have been uploaded to Scilympiad. So far, there are only two forms required this year: one for coaches/chaperones and another for parents. Coaches should be instructed by Scilympiad to send the forms to the relevant people, who can then electronically sign them. These forms must be submitted by the day of the tournament, before students begin competing. Please note that Carnegie Mellon University also requires a release form, which we will obtain and notify you of in due time. - We will have a Zoom meeting open 10AM-10PM EST to tend to general/technical questions or issues. - Remember to start submitting your student/team rosters and assigning students to events! - We've received a few questions on payment and would like to reiterate that the tournament is free this year! - We will mail out medals and trophies to schools after the tournament. Overall competition schedule: - January 9th, from 10AM-10PM: Students take exams. - January 10th and 11th: Grading - January 12th, evening: Awards ceremony via webinar (Details TBA)