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My tests (It's About Time, Forensics, and Chem Lab) are all listed as having a 50-minute time period. I have completed the first two so far, and I only got five minutes on both of them to complete the test. One has 51 questions and the other, at least 150. I have no idea what happened, and the test's timer only gave me five minutes while having down a 50-minute time period. Is this a mistake on the website's end? I don't believe anyone would be able to complete 150+ Forensics questions in 5 minutes or less, even if most of the answers are multiple-choice.

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Responded by Thuan Duong 11/06/22

Hi, did you check your device clock? Make sure it has daylight savings on. Time on your device might not be synchronized with the tournament time.

Responded by Anonymous 02/10/23
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