Welcome to The Ohio State University Invitational

This invitational is organized by the OSU student-led organization, "Science Olympiad at The Ohio State University (OSU Scioly). All Division C events will be conducted on the Scilympiad virtual platform via the Student Dashboard. All event results will be released here. Coaches can register their teams for free below.

As team registration fills up for this competition, OSU SciOly will have a waitlist in place. Fill out the following google form, and your team will be noted down as waitlisted: https://forms.gle/491FFuWhDT6eRNmG6. There will be no deadline for filling out the waitlist until the competition date. 

To stay updated follow us on Instagram (@osu.scioly) where we post our monthly newsletter, fun facts, and more! On our website (org.osu.edu/osuscioly) you can learn about our team and get more info on invitational logistics. 

 For any questions please email us at osuscienceolypmpiad@gmail.com.‍

Disclaimer: The Ohio State University is not affiliated with The Ohio State University Invitational.

Upcoming Dates

Satellite Competition - January 22nd 2022
Registration Opening - September 7th, 2022
Registration is now closed. 


The Ohio State University Invitational is tenatively planned for January 22nd 2022, and it will be formatted as a Satellite competition, rather than in-person.

Registration is now closed.

Students can now take tests online.

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