SOLVI Tournament Updates and Important Dates

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[12/14/20 Updates] Online Resources Clarification: For events allowing for one cheat sheet per team, partners may each have a copy of the same cheat sheet or each have a different cheat sheet, as per NSO recommendations. For events allowing one cheat sheet per individual, the same applies; competitors are not allowed to have their own cheat sheet and their partners cheat sheet (if they are different). Binders are allowed to be online as well.

Event Specific Clarifications:

For free-response and short-answer questions, we strongly recommend that only one partner types within the text box. If both partners work on the same question at once, their answers will be overridden. Showing work for free-response questions will be up to the event supervisor for each event. We also recommend that partners record their answers on a separate document in the event that Scilympiad does not autosave and sync answers. Note that as a security feature, Scilympiad does not allow any copying or pasting of answers. Here is a link to an alternate submission form in the event that Scilympiad has technical difficulties. This form must be submitted within 5 minutes after the end of their time block.

[12/1/20 Updates] Team numbers have now been assigned. Please access the list here.

                               Coaches can now start adding students to their team rosters. Please try to have this done as soon as possible, and make sure all students can log into our Scilympiad page before tournament day. We have sent an email to coaches with instructions of how to complete this. Note: If your school has not notified us of a payment, you will not be able to update your student rosters. Please send an email to with the date you sent your check.
                              On the day of the competition, students will be allowed to use online cheat sheets and binders for their events, and are allowed to communicate with their partners via the Scilympiad chat box or via call. We trust that students will uphold their academic integrity and not use resources other than the ones allowed for their events, as specified by the rules. Tests will be designed to involve questions that require critical thinking, and cannot be looked up. Test writers and event proctors will specify how they would like answers to be submitted through textboxes on Scilympiad, and how partial credit will be awarded if there is any. There will be no penalty for leaving the test tab.

[11/9/20 Updates] The official schedule for SOLVI has been released! Please access it here. 

                              Team numbers will be released on 12/01. Coaches: please do not input your student roster until your teams have been assigned a team number. 

                              The awards ceremony will be held on 12/20, the day after the invitational, at 5:00 PM PST. Livestream links to come.
                              We will be awarding medals to the top 5 teams of each event, and trophies to the top 5 schools overall.                          

[11/4/2020 Updates] The event list has been released. Please access it here.

                                 The list of participating schools has been released. Please access it here.

Important Dates
11/10/2020 - Late registration starts
12/01/2020 - Late registration closes; Last day to send payments; Last day to withdraw without a fee; Event numbers are assigned, coaches can start inputting their student rosters.
12/19/2020, 8:00 AM PST to 3:55 PM PST - SOLVI Competition day
12/20/2020, 5:00 PM PST - Livestreamed award ceremony via YouTube