Science Olympiad

West Ottawa Invitational (Div B and C)  
Feb 13 2021
8:00 am EST -3:00 pm EST

Registration Process
 Tutorial Video

Input Roster & Assign Events video

Test Creation Video
What kids need to do on competition day
(coming by 2/1)
Test scoring/result submission
(coming by 2/12)


1/6   Please not that I am learning the set-up of this site as we go so please be patient as I figure things out. (Bob)

Process to Participate:

1.  Create scilympiad account
2.  Be sure to update your profile to include school name
3.  Register for WOSO invitational on scilympiad.  Be sure to register for B or C level as appropriate 
4.  Send $30 per team to West Ottawa Public Schools
4-1/2. Be patient with Bob and Cherylyn as we learn how to do this invitational stuff in this format
5.  Indicate what events you would prefer to host and create tests for (LINK
      *note there are separate tabs for B and C divisions at the bottom
6.  Wait for team number assignments (1/12) and Event Supervision Assignments (1/13)
7.  Begin writing tests and putting them into the scilympiad system (1/14-1/30)
8.  Add team rosters and assign students to events (2/2-2/11)
9.  Participate in remote tournament on 2/13  from 8:00am EST until 2:50pm EST
10. Begin scoring tests asap on 2/13.  Have scores submitted by end of day 2/14
11. Wait for final scoring and awards (hopefully on 2/15)
12. Find a way to safely celebrate your teams accomplishments and wait for awards to arrive in mail

Upcoming Dates


Last day to Register


Team Numbers Assigned


Event supervision assigned


Event supervisors build Tests


Test submission deadline


Coaches input team rosters and assign events to students




Coaches score and submit results


Awards (pending completion of scoring)


 Medals and trophies mailed out