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I am the ES for WIDI at Northwestern's SciOly invitational. I thought I followed the instructions on how to make the two events so that the writer's instructions will send to the builder's test. However, when we were testing with a dummy team yesterday, the builder's test did not have the writer's instructions after the writer submitted. The document I was reading seemed to be only for Write It CAD It and is potentially outdated. I don't really understand why the steps they gave me worked and was just following blindly. Googling for information on this reveals basically nothing. This is quite frustrating. Is there any official statement on how to set up Write It Do It in Scilympiad? 

I would appreciate any and all help. The competition is in two and a half weeks and I would like to have this sorted as soon as possible.

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Responded by Thuan Duong 02/09/22


You seem to have everything configured correctly with one correction needed. The build component should be named Write It Do It-DOer instead of Write It Do It-Builder. Make sure there are no spaces around the hyphen.

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