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Note: * Teams with fractional values in parenthesis are teams with ties. Ties were broken by highest counts of 1st places, then 2nd,..., 7th places. First team in the tie does not have tie breaking value.
School/TeamPlaceTotalAnatomy & Physiology Boomilever *Circuit LabCrime BustersDensity LabDisease DetectivesDynamic PlanetElastic Launched Gliders *Experimental DesignFood ScienceFossilsGame OnHeredityMachinesMeteorologyMission PossibleMousetrap Vehicle *OrnithologyPing-Pong Parachute *Reach for the StarsRoad ScholarWater QualityWrite It Do It-Doer *Write It Do It
Raymond Park Intermediate and, Raymond Park11065271414325271317164662741511278
St. Simon The Apostle, St Simon Blue212062113434351013947511567313277
Tri-North, TNMS3136727112781272131851911272727327272
Jackson Creek, JCMS41584121081431092754327182711011052727
Manchester Jr/Sr High School, MJSHS A5172968981621792761857372710612279
LaPorte, LPMS6191112721621414710201811131110251682112276
Robert Taft, Taft7194891851619131313421261631011613111462712
Northridge, Northridge820612413779129613618715145485201582711
LaSalle Intermediate Academy, LaSalle A9211131066913112720141416141716793274592714
Madison Junior High School, MJHS10225227161962722711827139642727102714832713
Saint Mary Catholic Community School, St. Mary Catholic11231101171711671119191618210227699171914271
St. Simon The Apostle, St Simon White (+0.10)*1223116719101310181125151017382631249717274
Eastwood, EMS SO1325422851512128514128119131812814111520192715
St Patrick School, St Pat's142571434214151048161018272112727173816112727
Colonel John Wheeler, CJWMS SO Red1526232712135112727718781192727101127618152727
Whiting, WMS SO162991827151117171927181719182018174271327122120275
Lowell, Lowell MS173071727271815162027151512171512152727727139102727
Wilbur Wright, Wilbur Wright Middle School1831011272727527273112731272792272727274273
Brown County Junior High School, BCJHS19342152732127715271627275122712272718271613272727
Westville, WMS2035621272712272727627279210142727271527274162710
Hebron, HMS SO (+0.10)*21356272792010271727277111882713272719272717182727
St Patrick School, St. Patrick2238927516427271684227152782727272722727272727
St. Vincent de Paul, St. Vincent de Paul2343719272727272727122761714272727271227121812272727
Goshen, GMS244392027272727189272727418272727272727271927272727
Grimmer, Grimmer MS25504272727272727272727272718272727272727272727272727
LaSalle Intermediate Academy, LaSalle B25504272727272727272727272718272727272727272727272727
Total Teams: 26

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