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03/03/20 12:00 AMI'm part of the Planning Committee, volunteer recruiting element and annually volunteer for the So.Colorado Regional Competition. So, I'm not specifically associated with any particular event or specific school/team. Anyway, I don't see any AM assistance positions. Do you have any volunteer sign-ups for AM positions (coach/team check-in, volunteer check-in, support equip check-in/out, etc) or are they all being handled by the host facility?The first 8 listings on the page are for the morning only - 7:15-1:00. Also, a morning photographer position at the very bottom of the page is morning only. Other check-ins and runners are being handled by the host site.
02/27/20 12:00 AMHi, what place do you have to get at regionals in order to go to state (for an event)? My team is competing at the Northern regional next week and our coach doesn't know. Please let me know, Thank you, Kelly ClinganBecause there are different numbers of teams at each tournament, we cannot say how many from each regional will proceed to the state until both regionals have been completed. Emails for teams going to state will be sent a few days after the Northern Regional is finished.
01/20/20 11:22 AMWhen will be able to place students in events? I see the self-schedule opens on the 20th, but I haven't been able to assign kids in other events using the "assign events" tab. I click on "to excel" and it says "Available later" Thanks for the help! The 1/20 date was a template place-holder, and the event signup and the self-schedule signup release dates are tied together in the system. As soon as your regional director decides on a specific date to open that function, we will send out an email to all head coaches, and update the date in the system.
01/20/20 11:22 AMIs there a modified state or regional bird list for Ornithology in the 2020 competition? If so, where can this list be found?As the deadline of November 1st has passed, Colorado will only be observing the National Bird List for the state tournament.
01/20/20 11:22 AMHello, do you have to be associated with a school team to participate in science Olympiad? Or can I register by myself for an event without a team/school?Yes, you must be associated with a membered team. Please see for more information.
12/04/19 07:15 AMWe have 2 teams this year. A total of 28 students have signed up to compete. There are 21 8th graders on the list. What is the limit on having 8th graders on one team?There is no limit to the number of 8th graders on a B Division team (Grades 6-9). All 15 members of a single team could technically consist of only 8th graders.
08/14/19 08:04 AMHow is the hosting location for the State Tournament decided?All decisions deciding the location of the State Tournament are the result of a vote by the Colorado Science Olympiad Executive Board.