Tournament Results

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Note: * Teams with fractional values in parenthesis are teams with ties. Ties were broken by highest counts of 1st places, then 2nd,..., 7th places. First team in the tie does not have tie breaking value.
School/TeamPlaceTotalAnatomyAstronomyBridgesCell BiologyChem LabCodebustersDetector BuildingDisease DetectivesDynamic PlanetEnvironmental ChemistryExperimental DesignForensicsGravity VehicleGreen GenerationIt is About TimeOrnithologyPing Pong ParachuteRemote SensingRocks and MineralsTrajectoryWiFi LabWright StuffWrite It Do It
Homeschool Science Colorado, HSC1971154153217514623162144514
Cheyenne Mountain High School, CMHS Maroon211251182813337122511142523644
Liberty High School, LHS3139674537872115721362111129713
Lewis-Palmer High School, Rangers41443816491041910915145116109711
Rock Canyon High School, RCHS Team 151457213154168371212193114863118
Rock Canyon High School, RCHS Team 261771141010766261133372139352121221
Palmer Ridge High School, Navy71984368922181043511311143116212195
Gunnison High School, Gunnison HS82068101714191341213122107681078311363
Palmer Ridge High School, Gold921713691221195513419151271112142111312
Widefield HS, WH SO102449132116122199168821141016107921129
Cherry Creek High School, Team 11125718201513121111042913810712211316851010
Cherry Creek High School, Team 212311109163132121161410161810211362197782121
Doherty High School, DHS SO13314155111711821151581521201621881042121815
Cheyenne Mountain High School, CMHS White1434222114918215142115141621215112121135122121
Doherty High School, DHS SO 21536117157181614211112661721921172121212121217
William J. Palmer High School, Palmer High School163631612127171521131121211121421212121122121212
Buena Vista High School, BVHS1738419213211221721212111214821215212121212121
Las Animas High School, LAHS SO1839814142115211021212121216212121154211521212111
Alamosa High School, AHS1940712212116141621212114211421122192121212121216
Woodland Park HS, WPHS2042019212121105212121212115212142121212121102121
Total Teams: 20