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I have a student trying to change her password. She is using the forgot password button. She has tried her student and personal email address but an email with a link to change the password isn't coming to either address. Howe can we help her change her email address? 

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Responded by Nicole Weber 02/14/22

I deleted the students account to try to start over, and there isn't even a spot to enter an email address. She can't log in and so its not letting her sign her release for this Saturday's competition. 

Responded by Thuan Duong 02/14/22

Students login using the generated Login IDs through the Student Login menu. They do not use emails to log in. As head coach, when you submit student roster, the system generate those login IDs. You can give them those and they can enter their own PWs. You can also reset their password while in the Student Roster.

Responded by Thuan Duong 02/14/22

Please do not delete students since the existing Login IDs are mapped to tests they took. If you delete your students, their connections to their tests and scores are disconnected.

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